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Pump 1

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It's been over 33 years since Tom invented PUMP 1. He didn't set out to sell balloon pumps. It all started one summer when T and Merianne were ballooning for tips at Seattle Center. The audience loved the balloons and the money was good.

There were just a couple of problems. Merianne couldn't blow up balloons at all and T discovered the meaning of "hitting the wall," (in this case it was three weeks of blowing 5 gross of balloons a day by mouth.)

In self defense T assembled some bits and pieces gleaned from the local Coast to Coast and, there on the picnic table at the campsite, created the first PUMP 1.

It made all the difference in the ability to mass produce balloon sculptures and have fun doing it. "We were immediately inspired to give customers multi-balloon hats and animals on leashes. They, in turn, were inspired to give bigger tips."

Soon other balloonists were asking where they could get the pump. What started as the finest one-stroke manual pump for long, skinny balloons has become the symbol of the serious professional - "The Rolls Royce of Balloon Pumps." It has been continually improved and refined. PUMP 1 is a professional tool that will pay for itself in one day's work, increase your marketability, and make ballooning more fun for you and your customer. Do yourself a favor and step up to PUMP 1.

Pump 1 is best suited for birthday parties and anywhere you would be standing in one place and cranking out balloons. The sliding tubes lock together for easy maneuverability. The pump weighs fourteen and one-half pounds and stands 32" high.

The Pump 1 is built to last a lifetime. Clean and oil the pump every 8 hours of use is all that is needed to keep Pump 1 working smoothly. It is machined from white PVC plastic with a black plastic base and handle. It comes with a squeeze bottle of "Break Free" lubricant, a nozzle wrench and instructions.

Guaranteed for 5 years. (We'll fix it for free, you pay shipping.)

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