Mad Hatz & Wild Wearables Vol 1 DVD

Mad Hatz & Wild Wearables Vol 1 DVD

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Published 2004 

Run time: 90 minutes

I really like all of Don's stuff and this is as good as anything he's done. He goes at a good clip but clearly shows you what he is doing. A medium to advanced twister shouldn't have too much trouble, but it would be a challenge for a beginner.

The 10 plus things he shows you are things he uses, things he considers
show stoppers. They have the style and considered detail that Don is known for. The hat pictured on the cover is not explained in this DVD. But the ones that are on the DVD are just excellent.

Contents Include:

  • Lady Bug Bracelet (260, 160, SmRnd)
  • Monkey Hat (5-260)
  • Out of This World Hat (9-260, SmRnd, Alien Print SmRnd, Lg Agate Rnd)
  • Three Eyed Drooling Mutant Hat (5-260, 3-EyeBall Print SmRnd)
  • Space Ranger Suit (5-260, 2-350)
  • Princess Costume (3-260, Gold SmRnd, Stars Around Print, SmRnd)
  • Tink Costume (6-260, 2-SmRnd)
  • Itty Bitty Fishy Hat (5-260, 2-160, SmRnd)
  • Octopus Hat (7-260, 2-EyeBall Print SmRnd, Lg Polka Dot Rnd)
  • Something Really Goofy (8-350, 4-260, 646, SmHrt, Geo Blossom)
  • Extra Bonus Little Blue Fuzzy Space Guy (8-350, 3-260)

 Note: The DVDs we received have different titles on the spline. The front and back covers are the same and they are all the same DVD. So if your friend has a copy with a different title on the spline, you do not have a different DVD just a different cover. We received three different spline titles, you could request a copy of each and be the first on your block to have this exciting collectors set!