Dewey's Gospel Balloon Routines #5, Book, Ralph Dewey, - T. Myers Magic Inc.

Dewey's Gospel Balloon Routines #5

  • $7.75

Published 2005

This book is full of routines and ideas useful for bible school, Sunday school, witnessing,  mission trips or anywhere the Lord leads your ministry. Ralph assumes you have basic balloon skills. Most of it is pretty easy, he leads you through the lessons and what to say. I recommend all of Ralph's books.

 He mainly uses 260s, red, white, black, clear, gold, some 160s and some 350s, large and small hearts, 321 bee bodies, assorted large and small rounds, 16" geos, and gloves. If you don't have a large variety of balloons I'd suggest you read the book and decide which routines you want to do before you get the balloons you need. You can do about half of the routines with just 260s.

 Contents: The A-B-C's of salvation - two versions, parting of the Red Sea, DeFEET the devil, rainbow trout, church building, what's missing?, one-balloon angel, light &dark - good & evil, rocket to heaven, Easter tomb balloon trick, Easter egg trick, the rose, the weightlifter balloon skit, God's love found a way, YOU/JOY, Lucifer's battle in heaven, dalmatian salvation, salvation hat, sin hinders prayer, happy to be a Christian, and sin chain.


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