Balloon Magic Magazine #41 - Critters -

Balloon Magic Magazine #41 - Critters

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This issue starts with tips on tying a knot and making a tulip twist hold. There is a nice "In Memory of David Grist" article. There's a page on the 2004 Balloon Manor, a 10,000 sq.-ft. balloon haunted house designed by Larry Moss and Don Caldwell. Ed Chee's 2005 Diamond Jam gets 2 pages with pictures of winning figures. And, Guido Claassen's "Perfect Balloon Weaving" video is reviewed.

 The spotlight is on Bruce Kalver and how he came to be a successful family entertainer. After the article, Bruce shows one of his favorite restaurant figures, the Diamond Ring (2-260).

 There are four ideas using the new animal face balloons. Don Caldwell shows a fancy birdie (7-260, 2-SmHrt, bird face), a quick kitty (2-260, 160, cat face), and a fast frog (260, frog face). Mark Verge shows a one balloon Turtle (frog face).

 Besides all this, there is a cute monkey (2-260, 350, SmRnd) and very nice butterfly bracelet (2-260, 160, 2-SmHrt) by Don Caldwell.

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