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Rattleback Trick-144 Count

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Rattleback - 144 Count

A popular scientific novelty that would seem like magic to most of us - that is unless you have that scientific knowledge of how it works.

The Rattleback is a boat shaped piece of plastic that you spin clockwise, just like a toy spinning top. Watch in amazement as it spins, wobbles to a stop, then, all on its own, it starts spinning counter-clockwise in a most intriguing way. You can also tap either end and it will automatically start spinning clockwise, wobble to a stop and spin counter-clockwise.

The Rattleback will keep you or your selective audience amazed and amused, and even educate you in Newtonian Physics when you learn how and why it works!

Rattlebacks make an extremely amusing and affordable giveaway.

Also available in 72 or 36 count bags, each with instructions.

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