Balloon Hats vol. 1

Volume 1

#5003 -


Hats are our most valuable balloon product. Here are 20 of our best money makers. You can't stick a balloon hat in a purse out of sight, it's going to wave around in the air and attract attention. Every balloon hat is a walking billboard advertising you.

Includes: Basic Feather Hat, Basic Helmet, The Sword & Scabbard, Poodle Through The Hoop Hat, Flying Pregnant Weenie Dog Hat, Pooh With A View, Rabbit Ears, Headphones Hat, Present or Key Hat, Space Helmet, Upwardly Mobile Hat, Rabbit Hat, Swan Hat, Sword Through The Head Hat, Excalibur Hat, Pearls, Bubbles, Longhorns, Unicorn, Viking Hat, Antenna Hat, Rainbow Hat.

14 Pages

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